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Full Version: Best Bluetooth Card For 5600 With Oz 3.5.4?
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I ordered a Ambicom BT2000 from a site that had a picture of the known-working bluetooth card, but when the card arrived, it was the newer non-working hardware revision. (Non-working, as far as OZ is concerned). I'm just going to eBay it to get my money back (most of the way) and then try again from somewhere else or try another brand/model card. This brings me to my question:
Which Bluetooth c/f card works out-of-the-box with OZ 3.5.4's included bluetooth configuration and has the most features? I know enough about bluetooth to understand that there are some cards that work for some things, but not others. I want to use it for dialup via my Motorola Razr, use it in a PCMCIA adapter in my PC for the same thing, and do some bluesnarfing/bluetooth h4x0ring with it in my Zaurus. Also, I'd rather not have to go through what I'm going through now, with having to find a specific hardware revision of a card. I need one that just -works-. All revisions of that model.
Thanks in advance.
Do All Sockets work? They're smaller too, fit entirely inside, like a CF flash card.
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