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Full Version: Akita And Rom Choices
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Hey all, just got my akita 2 days ago, and I have been playing with random ROMs, but i have some questions. First off, I am having a blast with OZ, but I have some issues, specifically with the inconsistancy on installing to the SD card. I have read about Hentges ROMs, but i REALLY REALLY like a true X environment such as GPE (id prefer E, but it seems to be pretty much unsupported everywhere). What are my best choices here? And, how should I set up my partitions? I really just want a usable web device, Firefox, Kismet, ettercap, Aircrack etc... Can anyone help me to sort out the mess of info out there? There seems to be quite a bit of info, but its scattered and very inconsistant. It probably would help to know I am using a Sandisk ConnectPlus for wifi access too. Again, thanks for the help in advance, and the forum is a VERY good resource for people that are pretty experienced with linux (been my primary OS for about 7 years now.).
read my sig if you are going to partion for OZ, i would recomend that you decrese the swapfile size to somthing better (i miscalculated the sizes and havent bothered to fix it) in your case its likly you wont need a swapfile until you start up firefox (on my PC i have seen it use up to 800MB of ram, so i had to kill it off, lukily i had a sessien resume plugin that reloaded the pages i was on)

if you like E then i would say stick with it, perhaps get it going on your PC and set it up ther then set up your PDA in the same manner (be carfull, they use binary config files and i am not sure if the handel endiness issues)

firefox is easy, just get ipkg to download it (ipkg install firefox), same goes for all the other apps, i would recomend some others such as mpd, less and sudo. setting these up is program specfic but should be no more than an ipkg install then editing a config file

i am unsure about installing to the SD card as i have a microdrive however i am under the impresion that you simply copy filesystem (in its image form so, OZ.img all it is/was is a loop mounted filesystem that used a file as a storage device) and the tell altboot to boot it when you reset the device

hope this helped
Thanks for the reply. I played with OZ a little more, but I discovered the beauty that is pdaXrom this morning wink.gif VERY cool shit. A little unfinished around the edges, but I'm used to that (up until last month Slackware was my main OS wink.gif ) I like having a true *nix environment, the only problem is the ConnectPlus I have (I bought it before I really had the Z researched, I feel stupid now sad.gif ) is kinda tedious to get initialized. Any hints to this effect would be nice. I'll prolly end up posting a topic in the PXR forums soon enough, if I can't find a thread on it already, heh.
QUOTE(Robyr @ Aug 12 2006, 09:59 PM)

yes, pdax is nice.

Have you seen this discussion about connect+?:
ive been meaning to give PADXROM another go, i jumped ship because of the 2.6 kernel and glad i did due to the huge speed improvments

now that both have a 2.6 bassed kernel there are some technical mereits to switching back as well as some social
To be totally honest, I noticed a huge performance hit on OZ with the connect plus. Maybe thats what is causing it on OZ, but pdaXrom seems to be a lot more responsive. I can usually do multiple tasks on pdaXrom while OZ will shit itself so to speak. I'm giving pdaXrom a chance, just because it seems to have what I need and want, hopefully I will get the guts up to go to beta4 here soon, but im still dorking out with the Z to be honest. I really love these forums, bunch of likeminded people just trying to help out wink.gif By the way, I am really glad I went with the Akita.... the microdrive on the higher ups arent worth the price increase when SD storage is so cheap... and replaceable (easily ;P )
yeah, OZ has relaesd some unstable kernels (about every second relase) the problem i find is that its not repreducable and the exact cause is unkown

i havent played with PDAXROM with 2.6 so i wont comment there however with 2.6 on OZ i did notice that things like updating the screen were much faster, in fact the entire thing was a much nicer and faster experince.

it was also handy to have all the moderen stuff you see on PC distros

as for microdrives, i love the swapfile. i dont need it as much as i did when i was running pdaXrom with X turned on or sharp (i used to sit at 90% mem usage with the sharp rom) but it does come in handy every now and again. but it isnt for everyone it does give you that nice geek++ thogh
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