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Full Version: Will Not Stay Logged On
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This JUST started a short while ago.

I log in.

I change pages.

I am back to GUEST again.

Even if I log in & immediately refresh the page I get GUEST.

Makes it almost impossible to use the member functions.

I am not even certain if THIS is going to post.
NOW, without my having done ANYTHING except the post, I am able to refresh the page with being "un-logged".

And, yes, cookies have been allowed the entire time.
NOW, again without ANY changes, I am back to GUEST & had to re login to add this addendum.

You got some major FUBAR here, folks.
Mine is fine... I think it is user error... LOL j/k

no problems here, what browser are you using?
QUOTE(bam @ Aug 13 2006, 10:46 PM)
no problems here, what browser are you using?

Opera 7.22 build 3221.

Same as I've been using all along.

Seems intermittant.
QUOTE(InSearchOf @ Aug 13 2006, 10:14 PM)
Mine is fine... I think it is user error... LOL j/k


(G - LOL). I would settle for user error, ISO, if I could only figure out what is the cause. Nothing is being changed when it happens. nothing in the browser setup HAS been changed in ages ("if it works - leave it alone!")

The problem started abruptly very shortly before I started the thread.

To do these replies, I have had to login each time. (sigh)
No problem here.
Sounds like your cookie settings got changed.
Did you check the "Remember Me" box when you logged in?
I had the same problem a while back when I used to connect to the Internet using an O2 mobile. The connection was restrictive, blocking all ports other than port 80, and also didn't allow cookies to work.
So... it'll be worth checking to see if your connection has changed in any way.

Have you tried other browsers? Do they work?
QUOTE(dougeeebear @ Aug 14 2006, 09:19 AM)
No problem here.
Sounds like your cookie settings got changed.
Did you check the "Remember Me" box when you logged in?

That (cookies) was my first thought, but I turn them on using Opera's Quick Preferences before I login here. Checked & everything appeared the same.

I have been unchecking "Remember Me" all along (particularly since Opera security is set to wipe all cookies when the browser closes).

Whatever was going on was extremely intermittant. Came & went several times during that one session.

Weird - intermutant? LOL

For example - this session (so far) I have been able to Preview without becomming Guest again.

Maybe the problem is gone; hope so.
QUOTE(dz @ Aug 14 2006, 01:04 PM)
Have you tried other browsers?  Do they work?

Will if the problem happens again. I have been running this Opera as primary browser since long before becomming forum member (if it works, leave it alone .. LOL). I usually run full security. No Java, cookies, popups etc. Gibson Reasearch "full stealth" rateing. Set cookies on in Quick Prefs mode if / when I am going to login here.

I have the most recent FireFox to use when sites exclude Opera, but only if I absolutely have gotta. I like Opera & dislike sites that are "browser specific" so ...

What ever was going on seems to have gone away. Happens again, I'll FireFox to check. It looked like cookies kept getting wiped, but I can't figure out *how*.

Ahhh.. ok, you're talking about Opera on the desktop.
I thought you were referring to Opera on the z.
I have Opera installed on my desktop (laptop), but I use Firefox for my primary browser.

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