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Full Version: Icewm- How Do I Start It?
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I have installed both icwm and icewm-pdaxrom from here:
as well as the dependencies. Now, when I try to start it with the command "icewm" from inside Matchbox, it gives me an error saying a wm is already running, and if I try to start it without X started it give me an error saying X is not running. I assume there is a simple way to start it that I just don't know. Can anybody point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.
I think its in the ~/.xinitrc file, but could be wrong, its been awhile since I played with pdaxrom.

meaning you have to comment out matchbox and add icewm commands in the place of it.
I don't currently have the knowledge to know what to change. Can I simply replace matchbox with icewm every plave I see it? I assume there is more to it than that. Also, is there an easier way to do this?
Which pdaxrom are you using? And wouldn't it b better to use a newer version from a newer feed (like beta3 feed)?
After installing icewm and icewm-pdaxrom be sure to also install the dependencies needed ( I do not know them anymore).
Beware that after installing icewm the startx script will be overwritten, so be sure to make a backup of it before (for example if you need to install some dependencies in the gui and icewm isn't working yet).

When everything is done just type startx as you know it from matchbox. I think icwmsession (or icewm-session?) also works as it is basically the same.

Stay well

OK, it works now. Apparently I had installed icewm-pdaxrom before icewm. I also used the newer versions. All I have to do now is type startx and it works. Thanks!
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