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Right, I just got my zaurus c1000 today. I'd like to use it mainly for wireless internet here and there, multimedia and keeping a calendar/addressbook. I've been reading about all kinds of roms for it and stuff and I don't really understand which one to use to get the most out of my zaurus. I'm worried I'll try one and then not be able to install any software or not be able to use my wireless card.

I was about to dive in with pdaxrom. Does this seem like a good choice?
stick with sharp, or better yet move ta cacko, if it still dosent fit your needs after reading meanies guide then switch, not before that

i would recomend the Ot X11 stuff (see meanies guide) and mplayer with BVDD

and dont be afraid of flashing your Z, most installers are flawless and as long as you have a full battery you shouldnt have any probelms, if you do i think to date there was only one case where the people on this fourm couldnt help but trisoft volinteered to help get it fixed (cant confirm that, was awhile ago)
I wasn't worried about bricking it, I was just worried about not being able to get anything useful done (my past experience with linux). I decided to plunge in with Openzaurus, seemed like fun. Atm I'm trying to install a mediaplayer in any way, shape or form. Kino2 was on the sharp rom and seemed good, so I'm trying to get that back.
Ack ack ack... I admit defeat. Where can I get the original sharp rom from? I can't seem to find it on google etc.
Go here, should have all the info you need to get back to the Sharp ROM
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