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Full Version: Bluetooth Problems Using Usb / Cf Altternatingly
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I'm using an USB BT stick and a Billionton CF BT card alternatingly with pdaXrom 1.1.0beta3.
I use the same PPP dialer setup for both (using /dev/rfcomm0).

If I reboot between usage of different modules, every module works fine.

If I use one module, than unplug it and connect the other module, without a reboot in between, the other module does not work. PPPD gives me the error message "Filed to open /dev/rfcomm0: No such device" or sometimes (it seems after doing a /etc/rc.d/init.d/bluetooth stop and ...start) it says "Failed to open /dev/rfcomm0: Conection timed out".

Any idea what the reason could be?
Both BT adapters are used with the sae software on the zaurus and with the same Nokia phone on the other side, only the module is exchanged, dpending on which interface is unused otherwise currently (USB or CF).

EDIT: Even after removing the CF card, connecting the USB stick unsuccessfully, then stopping bluetooth with /etc/rc.d/init.d/bluetooth stop, removing all kernel modules (bluez, rfcomm, l2cap, ppp_deflate, hci_usb), restarting bluetooth and reconnecting the USB BT stick, I still get that timeout error.
dmesg reports a lot of errors with USBDEVFS.

i use to get errors like that when the usb device drew to much current try using a USB hub

otherewise it might be a config setting thats gon wrong, try posting /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf

the other thing that may be wrong is that its not cleanly bring the rfcomm interface down between pulging, when swaping the cards try /etc/init.d/bluetooth down between unplugging the device nad see if that fixes it

its hard to know what exactly is wrong as it could be that one thing is having an effect and causing the other error messages or that you have several diffirent problems happening at once
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