Hi all,

Below are my steps to attempt to build a new pdaxrom rom image.

1. mkdir /pdaXrom-builder
2. cd /pdaXrom-builder
3. svn checkout https://mail.pdaXrom.org/svn/pdaXrom-builder/trunk
4. cd trunk
5. ./configure akita-kernel-2.6-xtools /mnt/hd/akita-rom http://mail.pdaXrom.org/src
6. cd /mnt/hd/akita-rom
7. make virtual-xchain_install
8. make archive-toolchain
9. make clean
10. ./configure akita-kernel-2.6-rom
11. make world
12. make image

I can build the images but when flashing it doesn't work.
Am I missing other steps?

Please give guildline.