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Full Version: Nice Work
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I have been stuck with no mouse support after a major hardware upgrade (basically the only old components are the case and the harddrive) for about 2 days and havent been visiting as much. with no mouse things like firefox are a chore to use however i decided to bite thebullet and use elinks to catch up on the latest news

basically just wanted to congradulate you on hom good the site looks and works with a command line browser, i didnt expect it to work this well. everything seems to work and i find that in some cases work alot better (for example i find the alt text for the topic new reply works better than the pictures)

the only thing i would sugest is alt tekt for the smilies as all i get is bigsmile.gif instead of somthing easier like =D

once again good job, its making me rethink my site a bit
keyboard only firefox:
which I don't use, i like also very much links2 and )
HAH! I guess ill se the terminal to view this webpage just to verify it. laugh.gif
yeah i used to have that plugin for firefox but its a bit hard to reinstall it without the mouse smile.gif

i do like w3m as it does a great job of rendering but i find there isnt one cmd line browser i use more than others as they each are better at one thing than the others, anyway there is always netcat

anyway im backing up and changing distros at the moment so i expect i will be using links alot more over the next couple of days
I use Lynx. It's avaiilable on both my OpenBSD box (Which is REALLY hard to use without any additional software!) and my linux boxes. . Hmm. . There a version for PocketDOS?
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