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Full Version: ipkg-build
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I am trying to build an application for the Zaurus SL-5600 and the Zaurus SL-5500,
using MinIde and the Kopi compiler on the Zaurus. The instructions were followed
to the letter and I had an ipk file. While installing the application, I received
an error message stating: "The extract of some files are failed. This application
may not execute normally. When you cannot operate the application, please remove it."
The control, desktop and run files have been checked and checked again. The jar
files have been tried on the Zaurus as well as on the my linux computer. I am at the
end of my rope and do not know what to do. I used a web site called "Developing Java
Applications Using the Zaurus. Any ideas?
Try installing from the command prompt -- you should get some useful error messages:

ipkg install myapp.ipk

How will this help?
umm... it should give you some useful error messages...

The GUI-based installer hides all of the error messages and just gives you the generic message that you described. If you install it from the command prompt instead you'll see the real error messages and hopefully be able to figure what's wrong from them.

So you used ipkg-build to create the ipk file? Did you create your own debian-binary file and include it yourself? If so, this is the cause of the error. ipkg-build generates its own debian-binary and puts it in the correct place in the ipk structure.
How does one create a debian-binary file and include it?
Can you include the "Developing Java On Zaurus" link you mentioned above. In Google, all I found was This Link. I'm still trying to figure out how to install KOPI Java on my SL-C860 Zaurus.

On the side... what's the difference between the Zaurus embedded evm and cvm applications?
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