The windows driver can switch between network and IO modes. I set mine to network and disabled the checking service and other stuff, so it now always comes up just like any USB network adapter. It uses Samba to display the local storage as well as the SD and CF cards if inserted, and you can do ssh or other things if you install them.

I have a C700 and cant get my WINxp box to reconize it.. It comes up in windoze as a C760 but I can't locate drivers.

I got this off ebay. Zaurus 3.1 manager doesnt reconize the device so I can't Sync it or anything. I would really like to access the device through windows to access the SD/CF cards and SSH into it. I don't want to spend a LOT of time trying to write shell scripts on a little keyboard smile.gif I can write them on another box but it would be a LOT easier if I could SSH into it.


J. Perrymon