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Full Version: Bitbake Do_package Question
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Ok, I am sure this is a stupid question. But I have googled and googled and even posted a question on the IRC channel.

Anyway, if any of you are following this saga, I am trying to build the Orbiter for PlutoHome ( It is a home automation system, and I want to use my Akita as an Orbiter or remote.

Here is the question. I am building a number of libraries that are required for the Orbiter executable. I have actually successfully compiled all the dependencies and the executable itself. However, the ipk's aren't what I expected. The makefiles create .so files and the do_package default seems to put them in -dev.ipk files.

I have tried:
PACKAGES = "serializeclass serializeclass-dev"
FILES_serializeclass = "${libdir}/"
FILES_serializeclass-dev = "${FILES_serializeclass}"
AUTO_LIBNAME_PKGS = "serializeclass"

But that doesn't seem to help. I still get:
NOTE: Not creating empty archive for serializeclass-11424.1.1-r0

I have tried grep'ing but I am flying a bit blind here...

Any help is appreciated.

Any help? Please?
Could you point me at your current BB's for this?

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