About 2 weeks ago i bought cowon a2 and this equipmen is really great. The screen gives you a sharp clear image even on dark movies, when u turn the screen you still can see, u have a vary wide range of viewing. The sound is also great, even without the speakers you can listen great. It has lots of functionalities.
About 4 days ago i went into the store and traded it for the archos av500. The archos has a very good image as well, but not so good and when u turn the screen u see bad or u dont see the image. the sound without the headphones is lousy, like a ancient radio, a bit better, its mono. It has less functionalities, it doesnt have radio, no text support, the last update of cowon lets u see office docs plus pdf, weel i think whats best of archos is the tv recording and the hard drive its bigger.
Now u ask why then did u trade it. Well after 5 days of having the cowon it just died after i upgraded it. So i went to the net searching for anwsers, and what i found wasnt pretty, i found lots of people with the same problem as i, cowons diyng even without the upgrading just stopped working. i digged on the archos to see what kind of problems this device is prone to, and i found less problems. Thats the main reason i chose archos.