I've reflashed various ROM's onto my 3200, including at one time a NAND bootloader reflash in an attempt to get pdaxrom beta4 working. At the moment, I'm back onto a sharp-based ROM (see Sig below).

Somewhere along the line, all the settings about what the hardware device is, vendor etc, were wiped.

The effect is that some apps refuse to run, specifically Netfront & imagej, as they check what hardware you're running.

I can do the following:

cd /proc/deviceinfo

echo "SL-C3200" > product
echo "SHARP" > vendor

...for example, but imagej still generates a Qtopia-based pop-up error message saying "This software was designed to run on a Sharp Zaurus"

...anyway, if anyone could post their /proc/deviceinfo contents here, I would appreciate it, as it might get imagej working.

Or, if there's a way to input this info from the NAND untility setup that I haven't spotted, let me know.