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Full Version: Can't Install Packages On Cacko Rom (sl-c1000)
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Hi Guy's,

This is my first posting on the OE forums and I am hopeful in anticipation that some kind person here will have an answer to my issue.

I am running MacOS X Tiger on my G5 and transferring ipkg.gz files with a CF card reader onto my Zaurus. However, When I gunzip the files and browse for them in the "files" tab I can see the install files icons and click on them, and the "Package Installer" window pops up but when I click Install packages there are no packages found in the list to install.

I managed to install many applications using this method with the standard Sharp ROM but it was not English enough for me.

I have been downloading applications that are supposed to be compatible with Cacko so can anyone tell me if this is typical? Or what I am doing wrong?

My ROM version is CACkO Zaurus Qtopia ROM 1.23 1029311005

Thanks in advance.

The issue might be that the file is unzipped - and might not be related to the ROM.

Usually, .ipk files are gzipped tar files, i.e. created by "tar czf package_version_arm.ipk". Note that the _arm is also required.

Downloading these files on a Mac might trigger the Mac builtin unzipper, i.e. it becomes a plain tar file.

Try the following on the Zaurus:

1) "tar tvf package.ipk"
2) "tar tvzf package.ipk"

One of both must fail. The other one should show "control.tar.gz", a "data.tar.gz" files.

If 1) succeeds and 2) fails, simply gzip the file and rename the resulting .ipk.gz file back to .ipk.

-- hns
One other things to note.

There are another from of ipks that don't use gzip to compress the ipk but ar instead. These won't be recognised by the "Package Manager" and will beed to be unpacked and gzipped before they will be seen.

But most likely it is the reason that hns suggest - your prowser is ungzipping the ipk as they are being downloaded

You guy's are the best.

I believe as you said that it was the downloading and auto un-gzipping of files and I just tried it with Firefox instead of Safari and managed to install cloverpaint.


Cheers loads.

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