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Full Version: Lost All Sound On 3200
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I don't know how this happened, but I've lost all the sound on my 3200.

The sound applet is working, is turned up and all, but no sound coming from the speaker at all.

The strange issue is that this stays the same between reflashed, I even restored from NAND backup and still the same.

Yet it's not that something physical broke, because I was messing with libs and plugins on Cacko 1.23, noticed that some had only root reading and ex preferences, so was changing that yesterday, and all of a sudden the sound started working. But forgot what I did.

Since then I reflashed, no sound again...

But now can't figure out how to get it working. I seem to vaguely recall that it was some lib not seemingly associated with sound but it did it...

Can someone help? I can't hear anything and it's frustrating...
I've determined it's got something to do with the earphone plug... When I plug in the earphone, I hear sound from the speaker, i.e. when I pull them out, the sound probably gets sent to the speakers, so nothing is heard...

I don't really wanna pull the unit apart and inspect the speaker connector, since I don't know what I'm doing there...

Is there an easy way to solve this?
I've got the same problem since last week.
When using headphones I can hear the sound. But nothing is coming out of the buzzer when I unplug the headphones. Looks like it doesn't switch back.
I've checked the buzzer via the diagnostic menu and it's working okay. Perhaps the issue is caused by some burnt resistors?
Also the Zaurus is freezing occasionally for a few seconds but continues to work after that. IMO this issue is directly related to the buzzer-switch problem.
It's definitely not a software problem. I've reflashed the Zaurus and still got the problem.
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