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Full Version: Pdaxrom On Sl5000
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Just as a note- I have pdaxrom working mostly on an sl5000.
Using a 1gb cf card and 256mb sd card.

The basic install works fine but is, of course, somewhat lacking. wink.gif

I have had a lot of trouble with all the ROMS I have tried in SOME fashion, and the biggest of the bunch is the inability to get software installed from the internet.

I have finally gotten this working with pdaXrom by grabbing the copy of the feed and hosting it myself on my pc. smile.gif
Disk space now becomes a problem, of course, as the sl5000 has very little onboard to start with.
I have followed the suggestion of moving some base directories to a card, but the problem I hit with this is getting enough space while NOT wrecking something..
If I reboot, my install is hosed.

So my question now is what can I move safely and does anyone have suggestions besides what is in the thread on sl5500

Continuing with my experiments with this thing-
I have made prgress. smile.gif

Though I still have not been able to free up much room for the os, it was enough to get a number of things installed- some of which actually work.

But I have two big issues right now:

Display configuration.
The sl5000 (collie devices) have a tall, narrow display, unlike many of the newer clamshell devices; Seem that the default video config expects my screen to bewider than it is. Half of most application windows are off-screen and the creen doesn't scroll.

The only keyboard software I can get to work takes up the whole screen and doesn't send key signals to the active application.
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