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Full Version: Gps Applications
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I've just tested my USB Pharos GPS ( the one that comes with Microsoft Street and Maps, which I had for free... free Microsoft products ? wink.gif ) and it works great in OpenBSD... it is a USB to Serial device that gets mapped to /dev/ttyU0. cgps gives me my longitude/latitude/etc., but I did not find a mapping application in the ports. GPSDrive looks promising, and I was wondering if anyone compiled it on their Zaurus ?

It would be fun to do this...
If you want to use the gps to map wifi locations found by kistmet then use gpsmap.

gpsmap reads GPS and Network XML datafiles from Kismet and plots
wireless networks on downloaded vector maps or satellite photos
or user-supplied images.

Have a look at the kismet Makefile. Either you can make the port with gpsmap or you can just download and install this package:

Checkout these links for more info:

Also heres the gpsmap options that you will want to use for mapping where you have driven:

-t, --draw-track
Draw travel track

-Y, --draw-track-width WIDTH
Travel track width. Default: 3

Draws a blue track along the traveled path, based on the track data saved by Kismet.
QUOTE(mathemajikian @ Aug 31 2006, 03:29 PM)
If you want to use the gps to map wifi locations found by kistmet then use gpsmap.

Thank you for pointing this out, but IIRC, gpsmap can't show a map in real-time, it only creates the maps after having read the net and gps data from kismet.

My primary use of GPSDrive would be for GPS navigation... having APs automatically add to the map is only for the "show off" factor. wink.gif
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