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Full Version: Ruby, Rails, Sqlite3, Gems, Rake On Pdaxrom
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I've trawled this site for information on setting up the aforementioned development solution but have yet to find the one shining light of success.

I've seen posts claiming working Ruby 1.8.4 + Gems but either there was no link or instructions or the ipk didn't live up to the posted comments (I'm not having a go. I'm certainly not ruling out my own stupidity!).

I've seen posts asking if anyone has done it (Ruby-SQLite3) before they tried themselves.

I have installed Ruby and it seems to work although I didn't really stress it. running gem gave me the error "gem: command not found".

I installed RubyGems and did "gem install rails" but after saying: "Bulk updating Gem source index for:" it then comes up with "terminated" (very helpful). I did set the profile env variables as follows:
export RUBYLIB=/usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/
export GEM_HOME=/usr/rubygems/        
export PATH=/usr/rubygems/bin:$PATH

I realise this is probably not in the correct place but this was ruby's default.

So after failing with gem I grabbed the rails zip instead but now I'm stuck on getting the SQLite bindings and I really can't find these anywhere. I'm not a seasoned linux user let alone developer so don't really want to tackle porting just yet. Of course I could probably use MySQL but SQLite is ... er ... lite(!) so would prefer to use it. It also fits better with what I want to develop (on-device rails apps. You don't really want to run a DB engine unless you're using it).

If anyone has had success with this setup I'd love to hear about it and if any advice can be given all the better.

Many thanks.
ok well at least acknowledge that it would be a nice to have!
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