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Full Version: Firstime Pdaxrom With C3200
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before pdaXrom, i used original sharp rom and cacko rom
this is my first try with pdaXrom on my C3200
the interface is great and make pda to more like mobile pc

I found some command are a little different

iwconfig [interface] on/off
is not accept, I can setup my wireless working
what ever I change the /etc/sysconfig/wireless or run command like

iwconfig [wifi0/wlan0] essid [myessid] key s:[mywepkey] [2] open

there are wifi0 and wlan0 in pdaXrom, I can see the differnet and don't know why there are two of the interface, so I both tried

and I use second wep key, so key index is 2

there's no error message, but it still not work

swapon [swapfile]
got an invalid argument error message

there's no man page and I don't know exactly theres params do
swapon -[a/v/h] ....

Am I asking a newbie question tongue.gif
I've been seach OE and google from other webs
but the keywords are to common to google
This page may help you with some issues.
This is my journal of my own pdaxrom setup.

Not well formatted yet, but if you search for a keyword, you will find the section where it is described.

Once my setup is mature enough and doesn't need too much changes anymore, I'll offer the information in a nicer format.

Thanks, it helps.

My swapfile is now working, but wifi not.
still working on it ph34r.gif
QUOTE(ethan @ Sep 14 2006, 10:43 PM)
Thanks, it helps.

My swapfile is now working, but wifi not.
still working on it  ph34r.gif

Well, Wifi configuration should be straightforward using the LAN/Wifi app under "System tools". No command line tools needed (except you want to switch between schemes).
If Wifi doesn't work after configuring via that app, maybe you have a WIfi card which needs firmware download.
Check if "dmesg" says anything about missing primary firmware or something like that.
My page describes what I have done for a Planex card which needs sucha firmware download each time it is inserted. Works very reliably.

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