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Full Version: Lock Screen On Beta3
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id like to have a tool to lock my screen with password protection

i installed xscreensaver-package from 760-new-feed for beta4 on my c3100 with beta3, in general it works fine BUT in order to lock the screen with "xscreensaver-command -lock" i first have to run "xscreensaver" which is a bit annoying

so my questions are:

is there a way to automatically start xscreensaver after starting x11 with "startx"? (i tried to modify mbsessions cause i thought that this is started every time after "startx" but that did not work [why not?]; i also tried a simple shellscript "S99screensaver" in /etc/rc.d/rc5/ to start sxcreensaver but that also did not work [why not?])

or: should i use any other (easier) tool than xscreensaver to lock the screen?

You could add it to...

# /home/root/.xinitrc

That is launched everytime you run "startx"

thx for the quick answer

/home/root/.xinitrc is a link to /usr/bin/mbsession which is the script i modified in order to start "xscreensaver" which did not work

btw im not logged in as root but as a normal user with home directory /home/user1 ( i did cp /usr/bin/mbsession /home/user1/.xinitrc in order to get it running, so to be right on the point i added a new line "xscreensaver" to /home/user1/.xinitrc which was a copy of /usr/bin/mbsession before )

this did not work :-((

I've tried to use xscreensaver locking my Z automatically as I switch it to stand by. I couldn't managed it.

But you can start it with $HOME/.profile as follows. (It starts X11 at login and xscreensaver will be started with.)
# here you can do some settings...

if [ $TERM = "linux" ]; then
 (sleep 3; xscreensaver )&

I have to say that I don't use it anymore, and this is only as I remember on it. (I didn't find any saving about my tests.)

I hope it helps you. Anyway I would use some minimal protection, too.

Best wishes,

thx i'll give it a try!

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