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Full Version: Wip Static Recompiler For 8086 At Zaurus C860
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I have written a static recompiler for 8086. Now it converts "Romance of Three Kingdom 1" to C source code. Then compiles C source code to ARM and X86 Platform. I have recorded a movie at Youtube.

Here is the video :
Cool cool.gif

Will this work for most/all dos games? Are you taking requests for what games/apps to convert next? wink.gif
If possible, I hope it can convert everything automatically, but it seems it cannot. since code is not aligned for instruction. (it means some constant will affect the code generation). As my plan, it will be contained lots of template like MAME. for converting games. You can select it and generate C Code and port it to many platform.

This looks like a very cool project- I'm just struggling to think opf a DOS app I would like to run on the Z over a native linux equivalent- can't think of one. 3D studio would be an interesting novelty if we could get it running but I can't see it being useable in any way- would it even run on a 640x480 display?

But MAME- thats different! I'm still waiting for someone to create a Z optimised MAME, most likely a port of GP2X MAME
could you try decompiling sensible soccer executable? Just to understand the speed schievement at this stage.

You can download it from Home Of The Underdogs.
Sensible Soccer is a great one! smile.gif
QUOTE(zodttd @ Sep 17 2006, 06:10 PM)
Sensible Soccer is a great one! smile.gif

Yeah but the best version was the Amiga's and that's 68K code wink.gif
sashz: You're around?! Hi! smile.gif

I'm working on a port of this recompiler for the GP2X. I must say HilaryCheng code is very well written, a great programmer indeed. I am so excited about this project as it has great potential.

Glad to see interest in this project. It's well deserved. smile.gif
zodttd- you around? Hi! biggrin.gif

Last I heard from you zpsx (psx4all, whatever) was teetering on the verge of completion and being the most impressive emulation achievement ever, maybe. So what happened to that? Most everybody with a portable ARM device who knows a good way to waste time and impress their retro gaming mates are in convulsions waiting for your next release!

Sorry to hijack your thread Hilary. So you're a GIRL and you're coding WHAT? Excellent! I declare you the greatest female geek on OESF!

Be honoured! wink.gif
QUOTE(danboid @ Sep 18 2006, 03:11 PM)
Sorry to hijack your thread Hilary. So you're a GIRL and you're coding WHAT?

Whoa, that's a bit patronising smile.gif

Excellent! I declare you the greatest female geek on OESF!

This particular Hilary happens to be a guy. Check out at some of the old threads where someone else thought Hilary was a girl!
biggrin.gif smile.gif

Oh right! I've never heard Hilary as a guys name before- sorry! smile.gif

Somewhere in the universe there is an infinitely hot chick coding a PS2/3 emu for a calculator laugh.gif
QUOTE(danboid @ Sep 18 2006, 08:15 AM)
Oh right! I've never heard Hilary as a guys name before- sorry!  smile.gif
You're from the UK, and you've never heard of Hilary Benn? blink.gif
haa biggrin.gif, I am sorry abt that I am a Male tongue.gif

Well, I am not Hilary Benn, I was a guy from Hong Kong. ohmy.gif
currently, I am working with Zodttd for Gp2X Version. If the porting is great, I will port it from Gp2x to Zaurus to run.
Master of Orion v1.3 would be a cool port. This game uses EMS memory, though. Can the recompiler handle that?
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