hi there!

as i like working as non-root user i came across the following problem:

when automounting sd or mounting via mb-applet in panel i do not have permission to access /mnt/card as non-root

when using the "users" option in fstab i can umount and then mount again which grants me access, but i first have to umount/ mount

so i wrote a script which umounts and then mounts, works fine when being called from shell, so i thought, i could call this script from /etc/sdcontrol so i modified sdcontrol

but: result is different than calling from shell: i do not have permission until i run my short script from shell again

well, i thought, maybe i should change ownership of my umount/mount-script to the non-root user and do chmod +s

but still, after automounting or using panel-app to mount i dont have access permission, only after running the umount/mount-script

does anyone have an idea why??