Hi out there,

currently, I'm trying around with gpe/familiar 0.8.4 on my sinuspad.
Installation went fine but now, I'm having problems getting a stable wlan connection up and running.
I've been trying some time with a netgear ma401 with the orinoco driver which seems to work from time to time but not very stable: I need to insert the card a couple of times to get it running. So far, I didn't find a pattern behind this so I have to try and try which is very annoying. Once I get the card running, the network works and I can run things like ipkg.
Very unhappy with this situation, I got me another wlan card: Belkin F5D6020 ver.2 which uses an atmel chipset (got it very cheap...). Somewhere on the net, I found a feed that provides a compiled atmelwlandriver (atmelwlandriver.sourceforge.net) for the simpad, but for kernel version 2.4.25. Current kernel version in familiar 0.8.4 is 2.4.27.
I modified /etc/pcmcia/config so that the card is recognized by the cardmanager on insert but I have no success in binding the right driver to it.
Has anybody suceeded in getting an atmel based wlan card running on familiar 0.8.4?
If not, any idea why my ma401 doesn't seem to work stable? Maybe I should use hostap instead of orinoco?
One more question: ma401 should be able to handle WPA encryption after a firmware upgrade (which mine has). Can I use this feature on gpe/familiar/simpad?

Thanks for your help