Hi, all. Hi sashz and laze. I just tried new beta with sl-c860. My previous pdaXrom was beta4, then I moved to oz/opie and yesterday moved back to pdaXrom.
At first sigth -- light speed comparing to oz/opie. I mean -- LIGHT SPEED.
At second -- mamma mia. We have a lot of old annoing problems:

1. Very (_very_!) often zaurus won't switch on. I press "On" and nothing happens. I need to wait several minutes to be able to switch on Zaurus.

2. Old good bug with different DPI in different orientation. This bug was fixed sometime ago and here we have it again. I wonder, why you, sashz, do nothing with it -- this is a FIRST what user see after fresh installation -- a big unscrollable font in the menu

3. It seems, like Zaurus do not switch off (ok, do not suspend) sometimes on "Off" -- in suspend mode battery drains with a light speed and, if you have connected AC cable, battery is not charged (even if it stay connected for a night!).

Sashz, Laze, I think, this is a time when you should stop with adding/refreshing software in the feed. Do not do it. Focus on the base system -- users need polished X11, kernel, drivers and so on. Leave xchat, gnumeric and firefox to entuthiasts.
Thank you.