over the past month or two i haven't seen as many posts on the fourm as on sash's blog.
the main point being that the sticky on top of the fourm still says 1.1.0beta1 is the current release and has over 100 posts on it.

I was used to following the current release, and what Machines (ex c860 and below, or cx000) worked with on the fourms, and is one of the reasons it took me a long time to find my C3000 wasn't supported in the current work (at least now i know at least i wasn't screwing something simple up.)

The stickies for the current release haven't been touched in over a month. Should we be following the blog now and making our posts about releases there, or should we expect to see the forum updated and continue posting here as we used to.

The sticky's up top used to have the current release, and attached thread of the status of whats relatively safe for end users, along with problems where development is needed.