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Full Version: Media Player
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Still trying to figure out this Zaurus of mine.
I was hoping to get a suitable media player running on my Z.
I have Opie and it comes with opiemediaplayer2. It works fine with mp3 files but just crashes with .avi files running divx. I have tried reducing the resolution of my .avi file and yet still crashes.

When i run the opiemediaplayer2 on the terminal, the output i get last is

All resize done
Hoehm: 160925 <-> 30

Don't seem to be able to find a dump file anywhere.
I checked the source code for the player, it seems to happen at

void XineVideoWidget::paintEvent2 ( QPaintEvent * )
if ( m_buff == 0 ) {
} else if (m_lastsize){
QDirectPainter dp ( this );
int rot = dp. transformOrientation ( ) + m_rotation; // device rotation + custom rotation
bool rot90 = (( -m_rotation ) & 1 );
int _vw,_vh;
switch (rot90) {
case true:
_vh = m_framesize.width();
_vw = m_framesize.height();
_vw = m_framesize.width();
_vh = m_framesize.height();
int middle_w = _vw/2;
int middle_h = _vh/2;
uchar *fb = dp. frameBuffer ( );
uchar *frame = m_buff;

// where is the video frame in fb coordinates
QRect framerect = qt_screen-> mapToDevice ( QRect ( mapToGlobal ( m_thisframe. topLeft ( )), m_thisframe. size ( )), QSize ( qt_screen-> width ( ),
qt_screen-> height ( )));

uchar * src = frame;
uchar * dst = fb+framerect.y()*m_bytes_per_line_fb+framerect.x()*m_bytes_per_pixel;

/* clean up the fb screen when shrinking the image only! */
if (old_framerect.isValid() && old_size.width()==width()&&old_size.height()==height() &&
(old_framerect.width()>framerect.width() || old_framerect.height()>framerect.height())) {
uchar*_dst = fb+old_framerect.y()*m_bytes_per_line_fb+old_framerect.x()*m_bytes_per_pixel;
for (int z=0;z<old_framerect.height();++z) {
old_size = size();

if (framerect.height()!=m_framesize.height()) {
odebug << "Hoehm: " << framerect.height() << " <-> " << m_framesize.height() << oendl;
for (int y = 0;y<framerect.height();++y) {
switch (rot) {
case 0:
case 1:
memcpy_step ( dst, src, m_thisframe.size().width(), m_bytes_per_line_frame );
src -= m_bytes_per_pixel;
case 2:
memcpy_rev ( dst, src, m_thisframe.size().width());
case 3:
memcpy_step_rev ( dst, src, m_thisframe.size().width(), m_bytes_per_line_frame );
src += m_bytes_per_pixel;
dst += m_bytes_per_line_fb;

Though I can't tell exactly whats happening.

After reading a few posting on the forum i decided to give up on OpieMediaPlayer2 and try Xmms-MPlayer.

Does anyone know where and how can install these two packages?

I managed to get hold of the package mplayer-xmms-embedded-qtopia_0.00005pre1_arm.ipk and installed it but it complains of cannot satisfy dependency


I assume there are something else missing. Can somebody advise on an easy way for me to get divx .avi files playing on my Zaurus. Appreciate any advice u can give. Thanks!

ps. Does anybody have a sample .avi file i can use to test on my player? Thanks again!
I m trying to get a video player running for my OPIE 1.2. I thought Kino2 would have been a good choice but (I m a newbie!) apparently its asking for file. Which I believe is not available for OPIE 1.2, no? Is there any other way I could get a user friendly video player running on my C860? I m hoping to play my divx .avi files. I've heard of mplayer but yet to find a posting to show me how to get it installed properly. I tried the package mplayer_0.90pre5_arm.ipk. Installed ok. But when i run mpalyer on command line it says error loading shared libraries I guess I must be missing something.

Spent the last two days sitting in front of the comuter trying to get a media player running but failing miserably. I really appreciate your help. Many thanks!

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