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Full Version: Broadband Lite Modem And Cf Ethernet Card
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I just upgraded to ADSL today and am saving $5.00 a month compared to my almost 20yr old dialup account.
My question is: Am I able to connect my Zaurus with an Ethernet CF card to this modem and use it the same way my desktop PC does?
Some details:
The modem is a Lynx L-210, made by Starbridgenetworks.
It is supplied by the phone company and I have to return it if I cancel my service. (So, I'm not going to try any firmware flashing, etc)
I have it hooked up to a Cat5 cable, which is attached to my internal ethernet card, which is: Intel Pro/1000 CT Network Lan
It works perfectly, in my opinion! smile.gif I just downloaded a 400MB file in 20 minutes, that used to take overnight, and then some!
Does the CF ethernet card work in the same way as my onboard lan card on my PC?

Sorry for the questions, but when it comes to networking, this is my weakest knowledge.

Thank you,
Hi John,

of course it does.

In order to take advantage of your new adsl router (I understand that it includes an adsl modem, where you connect the adsl cable, and one or several ethrnet ports; that's called a router), you have the following options:

1) router <-- ethernet cable --> pc <-- usb --> zaurus
2) router <-- ethernet cable --> ethernet cf card <--> zaurus
3) router <-- ethernet cable --> wifi access point <-- wifi --> wifi cf card <--> zaurus

I'd suggest to use method 3: you must invest in a wifi access point (AP), and a wifi cf, but you'll be able to browse the internet while in the sofa and learn/experiment with linux and wifi.

If you are concerned about wifi speed, you must know that in the communication bewteen internet and zaurus the bottleneck is always your adsl, so even if you are connected with ethernet cable to your router, download speed will be the same (well, maybe a little less with wifi since it puts more stress on the cpu that ethernet)

Thank you, I'll probably try the WiFi option later.
My main interest is the option 2. that you listed.
In the summer, it gets over 90ยบ in the room where my desktop PC is located.
I cannot turn on my PC during these conditions, so I surf in another room with air conditioning.
(I previously used my CF 56k modem W/ my Zaurus)
I now would be able to move the ASDL modem and splitter to the phone line in that room, and hook it to my Zaurus. smile.gif
I have a no-name cf ethernet card that I bought 3yr ago frm conics and, first time I plugged in my c750+cacko, it was automagically detected, drivers loaded. With cacko's network configuration wizard it was easy to configure it to get an ip from my dhcp server, and everything worked/works very nice.

It was easier to setup than the 56k-modem.

I'd recommend that you take a look at your pc lan confguration first (ip/netmask, gateway, dns), to know how to configure your zaurus later. Also I'd recommend that you learn a little about how the router works regarding if it includes a dhcp server, and filtering options it may have. You can do really amazing things with this hw.
I recommend the wifi option.

so adsl box to a wifi box and use a wifi card on your z.
Not all ADSL modems are routers, maybe Jon_J will need a separate router. These days routers without wifi are very very cheap, with wifi is still reasonable. If your modem has only one ethernet port, chances are it's not a router.

There is software, e.g. Roaring Penguin PPPOE, that can be compiled for the Zaurus and allows you to plug the Zaurus to the modem even if it's not a router.

the phone co supplied box has these 4 ports.

phoneline in [ADSL]
9 V. power

If the user doesn't have a lan card in the computer, then the USB port is supposed to be used.
I will need to know the Linux command, (on the Zaurus) that does the same thing as the "ipconfig" command in Windows XP.
Anyone know what it is?
The command "ipconfig" isn't available on my Zaurus.

The instruction guide that came with this modem says to do this, to use the modem on a different computer.
To use another device (computer, router, etc) on the ADSL modem,
you will need to do a release IP from the original device first.
If not done, the new device will not function.

In windows console, type:
ipconfig /release

You should get something like this:

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix.:
IP Address..................:0.0.0
Subnet MAsk...............:0.0.0
Default Gateway..........:
Then on the new device I will need to "renew" the IP
Using the command:
ipconfig /renew

(The "ipconfig /renew" command is what I had to do to set up this modem in Windows when I got it the other day)

Thank you for reading this,
That means that you need to have your zaurus/pc configured to obtain an ip address from the adsl router.

You can easily do this using the network configuration applet included in cacko, and select DHCP (Dynamic Host ??? Protocol), which then when inserting the card, it will automagically get an ip address from the router. You don't have to type anything atthe linux command prompt.

When you have a windows box with an ethernet port, this is the defult configuration; that's the reason why it easily works with windows; and I think that's also the defult config in cacko, when setting up a new network connection.

For your reference, the linux command is ifconfig, but the /renew option doesn't exist. To do that in linux it's a bit more complicated. ifconfig will tell you many information about your network device.

Thank you zmiq2, for your helpful answers. I won't be moving my ADSL modem till next summer, but I've copied this thread and saved it for later refrence.
I just ***FINALLY*** got TCP/IP thru USB working for the first time! smile.gif
I've been trying to get this to work for almost 6 months, and gave up a lot of times.
I used this guide posted here in the OESF forums:

There is only one instruction that I skipped, but it isn't avalable on my WinXP machine.
1. Select NIC-PC and then Right Click and Select Properties.
2. Click on the Advanced Tab

3.Then Check the box:
Allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection

Under Section Home networking connection:
select your [ZAURUS NIC]

4. Then Click on the OK Button.
"Under Section Home networking connection:
select your [ZAURUS NIC]"
(This isn't available and does not show in the above dialog on my PC)

It Worked Anyway! smile.gif

I'm now able to surf the net thru my fast connection using my 3 Zaurus browsers.
It's especially neat to use Picsel Browser at my new network speed! smile.gif

The only thing that doesn't work is the Sharp Default Email
I used the same command in console to get netfront to connect:
qcop QPE/Network "up()"

But the email just hangs up with "Start Connecting"
The cancel button on my Z exits out of this though.
I'll fuss over this later...

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