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Full Version: Bluetooth Watch
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Well someone finally came up with ferret simpsons idea of a bluetooth watch, this means that my attempts down the road are redundunt (there is no way i could do it to the same level in terms of design, just look at how cool it looks)

the price is a little high i think, but it is a good idea.
i have been thinkking about how o do it better (suprise suprise) basically while USB ddoes dictate a FB protocall bluetooth dosent so we would have to whip up our own..... or we can get creative wink.gif

i am thinkiing that the watch waits for its "host" and then if it finds it it will initiate a ip link back (or whatever, is it PPP they are using, if so thaat works better) and VNC intto the host aand display that on screen, that way you have the buttons covered as well

works nicly in my opinion unless someone sees somthing that might be nicer, of course it will be able to operate indepeendenntlly and display the time but it ant be beat for providing a FB to the host (and even better yet multiple hosts so you caan use this feature with your laptop if you wanted)

rig it up with a notification system like a netorked version of d-bus or a http kind of setup and you can support notifcation as well so you dont have to vnc all the time.
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