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Full Version: Kino2 Freezes
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I have a zaurus setup as in my sig below. It's the latest build of cacko heavy, and I am using a Seagate 8 gig microdrive to play video files full screen. I have no other programs loaded, except for the driver for 1+ GB SD cards. They play well, at maximum overclocking, till I hit the space bar to end one, then Kino2 seems to completely freeze. I can still click in the lower left blackness of the screen and get to the "end processes" dialog, end Kino2, but still the screen is a variety of overlays of different partially running and halted programs. The only solution I have found is to do a full reboot.
I have tried all combinations of different arguments being passed.... primarily -fs and -vm and I have tried checking and unchecking most of the seemingly pertinent kino2 play options to no avail, also tried all different processor speeds.
Does anyone have any ideas how to stop this freezing from occuring please?
Many thanks.
Just solved my own problem, I hope.
Though the spacebar is the key mapped to stopping video, I found that if I press "cancel" instead I get a clean halt to the program, despite it being undocumented!!
This seems to work regardless of other settings and cpu speeds etc.
If it works.......
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