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Full Version: swapfile help and general problems
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hey, got almost everything i want going with the exception of some sort of wireless network sniffer, kismet and wellenreiter are no go. but right now im trying to get a swapfile going. i found a thread

showing how to make one in the konsole but, when i try and use mkswap it says no such command exists. so im not sure what to do past the dd part. also tried to get the memory applet to work so i could use that, but when run it gives only the message "SIGSEGV" and wont execute. also once the swap is operational what tells programs to go to it instead of the active memory? does it just use it when its critically low or does it operate more like windows

as far as kismet goes i got it working on tkc with javab0y's kernel but only if i used an older verion of kismet and kismetqt. on oz either of em work and just tell me that it cant connect to server. wellenreiter i had at least starting on a previous flash but now i cant get it to start at all due to failure of a shared file which is installed. i think i fixed it last time with a symlink but i lost the thread explaining what and how (not exactly linux competent). and even when it started it didnt detect.

so any help on any of these issues is appreciated.

oz 3.3.5 32/32
dlink 660w
256mb sd


You'll need to be root to access some commands.

Try this HOWTO, and let me know your results:
hey little confused on your howto site, i went through and changed the script in the init.d

is that all i have to do? the swapfile i attepmted to create was only 16mb cause it gave an error otherwise. i would like maybe a 64mb swapfile seeing as how i have plenty of room on the sd card. also the name of it was just swapfile does it need to be named swap for this script to worK?
The name of the swapfile does not matter. If the name contains spaces, you have to enclose the name in quotes. You might have to use a small block size and a larger count to get a large swapfile with the dd command like:

dd if=/dev/zero of=swapfile bs=1M count=32

to create a 32MB swapfile in the current directory. The bs parameter seems to create a buffer of that size in memory, so if you don't have enough free memory for a 32MB buffer in RAM, use a smaller block size.
sk8x5 -- one major difference is that my system does not use a swapfile, but a swap partition. That would lead to considerable confusion. You'll have to do one way or the other.

So far, I've not seen a great deal of benifit from my 64 MB swap partition. I'm not sure that the Sharp kernel uses swap efficiently, but there may well be other limitations that I am emposing on it. I'm running korganizer/pi, and it's HUGE. I have to kill it to run the media player.
ok, im probably a little more interested in an actual swapfile and would like a 32m one like suggested above. i can run the dd part without issue and create the file the problem comes when i use the command "mkswap" it tells me there isnt such a command. so im not sure how i activiate the swap and tell the system to use it after making it. once again this is all under oz 3.3.5 on a 5500 with 256sd. once i do get it active i would really like to make some sort of script that would boot with the zaurus and turn the swap on as well as mount my shared drive with smbount.

one reason im trying this swap file is because the gba emulator visualboyadvance 1.6a returns the error could not allocate memory for rom. when there should be plenty to allocate. if this is not the answer i need i would still like to use a swap for enhanced performance.

but if there is a way to manually allocate memory to a program please let me know so i can give that a shot as well.
I do not use OZ, but you can probably type "mk" followed by the Tab key twice to see all of the programs in your path that begin with "mk" in their names.
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