So, I have a Zaurus set up as in my sig, and my questions pertain to when I am running wellenreiter, which is configured and running OK.
To connect to the net I find I have to do this, in this order:
1...Start the "wellenreiter" network connection and wait till it connects.
2...Start wellenreiter itself and wait for it to load.
3...Only then can I connect to the net using Netfront or Opera.

If I omit step 2, then I get an error message from the browser telling me it couldn't connect.

However, if I omit step 2, and use "Mail" to get my email, then all connects/works fine!!

And, if I try to simply connect to the net using the "original" network connection that I have always used (the one I configured months ago for the Ambicom wifi CF card) then nothing happens at all: the card light keeps blinking, but the connection applet tells me it is trying (in vain) to connect.

So, now I find I must always use the wellenreiter network connection, and I must always have wellenreiter running to do anything other than collect mail. This seems a bit bizarre, is it really so?

And can I simply delete the original/ambicom network connection configuration??

Many thanks