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Full Version: Video Player Won't Open
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Had a C-1000 a year or so ago, and one reason I liked it so much was that it played videos so well -- dependably on the great screen. That machine bit the dust, and I recently purchased an SL-C3200. From the beginning it has seemed very much slower than the C-1000, but it did play a short mpeg or two -- then it just stopped working. Initially I could, after a long delay, get the video player to open, but I was unable to open any file to play. If I started by tapping on the file (on the C-1000 I could do it either way), it would not open that way either. Now when I tap the video player icon, I get the explosion icon indicating the program is opening, but it never does. It retains that icon indefinitely.

I thought at first I had too many movie files on there and the program was freezing for that reason (though that doesn't make a lot of sense, I know), so I deleted all but two movie files -- no change.

The movie icons indicate that the file type is recognized.

I have taken out the battery for a reset several times but that hasn't made any difference.

Trying to find out something so I know if I should return the product for repair.

Thanks, Michael McColl
if you have a 3200, download and then finalise the installation with the readme file i added to get the video working. you must have the default sharprom for it to work. then go down to my zaurusvideo tutorial down at my link to get an idea on how to convert videos.

the restore image i put up is for beginners so you can figure out if you want to stick with it or go with another rom.
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