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Full Version: Ambicom Wireless Card Install
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I have a SL-5600 and was wondering if there was any Linux drivers I need to get to install the ambicom (WL1100c-CF) wireless CF card? I don't see anyting on the CD and didn't want to plug it in before I knew for sure.
Thats the same card im using right now. Though its on a 5500. I just plugged it in and was good to go. Mainly using it on OZ so cant be for sure about the sharp ROM but I would bet it works fine. Mine uses the hostapp modules but most of that was taken care of for me. I just plugged this in and it worked
ehh i used that card on a sl5600.. it was ok, but i didnt like its range and compatibility with my linksys router

i got the linksys wifi card instead
The ambicom is the only wifi card I've really spent some time using. How would you say its range compares with other wifi cards? I figured I might attempt to crack that one open and make a larger antenna for it. Then just buy a nicer CF wifi card and leave it alone.
All I had to do was configure it in the network settings and it worked fine.
Well, my Ambicom card (running on a 5500 with default ROM) gives me trouble constantly. Sometimes, I have to eject the card, reinsert it and then it MIGHT work. If it doesn't work, I have to eject it again and then reboot. Sometimes the reboot freezes the Zaurus. Then, I have to do a hard reset. Luckily, I do regular backups!!

After a hard reset, the card works for a while, and then stops. It's not the network settings - could it be my ROM? Anyone know how I can fix this?

Thanks in advance.
The WL-1100C-CF works perfectly well for me in my 5500, with the Sharp ROM (2.37, so it's older, but I think the newer Sharp ROMs work just as well).
I've been useing the Ambicom WL-1100C-CF card witth my 5600 with no
problems, worked great out-o-box. Currently useing the standard Sharp 1.32 ROM, but it also worked fine with the OZ 3.3.6pre ROM for the couple
of weeks that I had it loaded. Since it's the only CF wireless card I own I
can't give you any comparison there. Not quite the same range as my
laptop with built in wireless but, that's expected since the antenna is only a
fraction of that available on the laptop.
When I plug the wl1100c-cf into the sl-5600 (using the sharp rom), it is immediately detected and the networking screen shows its MAC. However, the card doesn't see my wireless network. The network is there -- various laptops in my house are using it -- but the card sees nothing. Any ideas on what I might try next? TIA -- wylbur.
when I tap the network icon in the tool tray, the card tries to connect: the card led blinks and the base station led also blinks. When I watch the network config screen, I can see the signal strength detected, but the essid isn't detected and dhcp doesn't work. Ideas? - wylbur
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