ever since I broke my original 6000L and fix it by transplanting in a known "good" motherboard from a damaged 6000, I've had problems.

I took it apart again and reassembled it, and it didn't help.

My current problem is that the backlight is unreliable, if I suspend and unsuspend it doesn't always come on. It is controllable through the backlight control, and sometimes the screen goes completely, fading intro stripes, and if this happens it might be a crash or sometimes a suspend/wakeup brings it back.

Sometimes when I boot it up, the screen is mirrored left/right, and again, sometimes I can cure it by suspending/wakeing up, but mostly not.

I also have non-functioning USB slave, so I can't do usb networking - the connected computer reports nothing on USB bus. I am running Oz-Opie-, having reflashed from in the hope of curing it. All the relevant modules are loaded.

The only good news is that the CF and SD slots work, so I am hoping to get into the device via wlan or bluetooth and be able to use it for something (I want to continue trying to get tomtom navigator working on the 6000, now that it works on the 1000/3000 - see my website for details!).

Any thoughts would be gratefully received.