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i installed openbsd with cacko because i really wanted openbsd. but i can't get network while i'm under openbsd because USB-network don't work and my wifi card can't work too (planex GW-CF11X , there is a topic about this card and openbsd... it looks like i should forget this card).

the problem is that openzaurus is the linux zaurus version that's the best for my purpose (openBSD with network would be better). But, OZ runs with a 2.6 kernel... and the zbsdmod.o only works with 2.4 kernel.

i wonder if someone knows a way to make "dual boot" OZ-OBSD ... if there is an unofficial zbsdmod26.o or thing like that, in order i could work with openbsd, and boot OZ to have the network sometimes.

i've got a sl-c3100 ...
OZ / -> /dev/hda1
OZ /home -> /dev/hda2
fat partition -> /dev/hda3

openbsd slice -> /dev/hda4 (divided into :
wd0a -> /
wd0b -> swap
wd0d -> /usr
wd0e -> /home

to resume, my only hope is to be able to start between openzaurus (kernel 2.6) and OpenBSD.
if someone please has a clue...
have a nice day smile.gif