Hi, I got the latest qtopia installed and trying to play some xvid videos with ac3 music.
I'm using 20 fps, resolution about 320 and mono 56kps audio.
@ about halt the song, it hangs n gives an error 11 segfault.
then if I rerun the program, it's fine for couple of minutes and hangs again.
tried music and it doesn't crash

Is there a way to track exactly to what the problem is due to with a certain log.
I've verified in logread but it's not recording any errors.

I'm not sure if it's due to the problem but I've tryed to use the special kernel with 471 mhz http://www.zaurususergroup.org/UpDownload+...t-lid-188.phtml but I'm not sure that it worked (is there a way to know if the xscale is @ 471 MHz? beside answering it should be faster)