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Full Version: How Do I Make Cd-rom Show In Qtopia Filetab?
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I just installed automounter-c3000_0.4.9_arm.ipk
It mounts my CD-ROM silently in the background with no notice.

I finally figured out how to unmount things in sysinfo.
In the Mounts tab, you have to tap+hold the entry to get a dialog, which offers to unmount the device.
You cannot use the eject button on the CD-ROM device to change discs unless it has been unmounted.
To get the CD-ROM remounted, I need to unplug the USB cable & plug it back in.
Or I could use the commandline.

My burning question is, How do I get the Qtopia file tab to show my cdrom device?
I don't care what it's name is, I would just like to see it there, like below devices.
When I plug in a USB stick or an external USB HDD, these devices always show up in Qtopia's file tab. Why not the CD-ROM?
Also these devices have an entry in Cacko's tray icon to unmount them, but the CD-ROM doesn't.
Another reason for wanting the CD-ROM to appear in Qtopia's files tab, is because I usually launch a lot of documents and/or media files in the files tab.

EDIT: I just rebooted and now the automounter doesn't automount the CD-ROM drive.
Commandline worked.
mount -t iso9660 /dev/scd0 /mnt/cdrom

Thank you,
After mounting my CD-ROM with:
mount -t iso9660 /dev/scd0 /mnt/cdrom

I read this thread, and tried "reversing" the instructions about hiding mounts/directories on the Files Tab.
post #4

I created a link from /mnt/cdrom to /home/samba/cdrom
Then I tried issuing this command:

Nothing happened.
If I can see a USB hard drive in the Files Tab, which automatically mounts, why won't the CD-ROM appear there also?
The USB hard drive mounts automatically, why not the CD-ROM?
I'm only connecting one drive at a time.
I gave up trying to get my CD-ROM to show in the Files Tab in Cacko/Sharp.
I just use FileLaunch filemanager and, with 2 panes open, I have /mnt showing in one pane.
This makes it easy to access my CD-ROM and double-click documents, media, etc to open them from the filebrowser.
QUOTE(Jon_J @ Nov 1 2006, 08:11 PM)
I created a link from /mnt/cdrom to /home/samba/cdrom
Then I tried issuing this command:

the $ tells the shell script that it's a variable, it won't mean anything when entered at the command line.
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