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Full Version: Strange Behaviour Of Gnumeric Running Under Fluxbo
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I've just started running Fluxbox on my C3200, using Beta3, and I've noticed that gnumeric is behaving weirdly. It won't let me type the number "1"! It recognises all the other number keys but not 1. It also doesn't seem to accept ctrl-c,x,v for copy cut and paste.

gnumeric works perfectly under other window managers (icewm, windowmaker, openbox). And all other applications, such as abiword, seem to work fine under fluxbox. But since I use gnumeric a lot, if I can't fix it then I can't use fluxbox, which is a shame because otherwise it seems to work really well.

I'm using the spitz.modmap as per zi99y's ultimate fluxbox configuration.

Cany anyone point me in the right direction to look for a solution to this? Does gnumeric use it's own keymap or something weird like that?

I have commented on this before (search the forums smile.gif) and AFAICT this only happens if you have enabled the F-keys in your modmap - ie F1, F2, ..., F10. Also it is not WM specific and it seems to only affect GTK based programs, and only if that particular program had mapped a function to the corresponding F* key. Eg if program uses F1 for help, then pressing '1' on keyboard will bring up help instead of typing a '1'. The only solution is to disable the F-keys sad.gif
Interesting, I've not used Gnumeric but I've noticed in Gaim that the '2' key doesn't work - all other number keys are ok.

I have the Function keys configured as DesertRat mentioned so I guess it's the same issue, I've not had time to experiment with it yet though.

If you run xev and press the 1 key, what button does it report? F1 or 1? It may be possible to force remap the key while in Gnumeric using xmodmap.
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