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Full Version: C3000 Pdaxrom Image Backup
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I'm feeling quite sick now as I may have just wasted about 8 hours/10hrs over the last 2 days installing pdaXrom, installing packages, editing config files and tweaking things only to have it wrecked by trying out the e17 installer which I let remove Matchbox.

Not wanting to be made a fool of again, if I end up having to do a fresh install (arrrrrrrgh!) then once I have everything set up exactly how I want it would it not be possible to create an image of my MD which I could backup and restore should anything like this happen again?

I only have the one (root) partition so I'm thinking I could tar it all up and then if something like this or worse happened again I could boot up holding D+B, stick the CF containing the tar file into the Z, format my MD and then extract the tar image onto the MD. Would that work? Anybody actually tried it?
use my backup script. if you manage to completely hose your setup, you can still restore it by reflashing pdaxrom and extracting the tgz over the fresh install.

basically, you need to know which directories to backup since you obviously cannot recursively backup the /mnt directory if it contains your /mnt/card where you dump your backup file since that would result in a circular loop smile.gif
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