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Full Version: Pdaxrom And Pim Probs
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Looks like my pdax install has just been trashed sad.gif

I installed xromers gpe-calendar from his OldBetas feed under pdaxromb2 (based on beta1) on the c3000k. It kinda worked at first but then stopped, complaining about libgpg-error (or something) being missing. I re-installed that and it started to work again. I thought the alarm wasn't working at first but it turned out gpe-announcce wasn't installed- I had to manually install every lib and package required for gpe-calendar so obviously its dependencies are borked.

After installing gpe-announce a new error occured and I was being told the 'database disk image is malformed'. I found this worrying so I booted holding down D+B and fsked /dev/hda1 and it found about 100 or so errors which I told it to correct. Now when I open the package manager it shows no available packages so it looks like I've trashed my install.

Before doing the fsck I also tried the kopi alarm, despite having selected a wav file etc. the alarm didn't work under that either.

Has anybody got wake on alarm to work under gpe-calendar or kopi on pdaxrom c3k?

Are you not meant to fsck the MD or is it just that this pdax beta is unreliable and causes corruption?
Since moving to pdaXrom beta3 I notice on boot up that I'm getting some CRC errors just before the inode junk. Is this what you're talking about?
For me it says: jffs2_scan_inode_node(): CRC failure in node....etc
I don't remeber getting this in Beta1.

Regarding GPE-Calendar. I have it working with alarms. You need to use the wrapper script though. Check the tail of xromer's gpe thread.
Every time I have tried installing pdax b2 for c3k I have experienced random file corruption. It is simply a broken distro- I know that now as I have tested my Microdrive and successfully/stably re-installed and ran cacko afterwards multiple times. Unfortunately I can't make comparisons with your setup Antikx as you have a different model with a different OS. Thanks for the calendar tip off tho.
Interesting. I don't recall having this corruption issue in Beta 1.
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