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Full Version: SL-6000 Available for Import
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metal9966 can obtain the 6000s
From an email reply:

Randy Peterson
Price quote number US24013
Japan-Direct Quote Confirmation

Thank you very much for your request! The following is
your price confirmation. Please check it carefully.
This price is valid for 1 week from the message
date. All amounts are in US Dollars.

Order List
1 Zaurus SL-6000W $996
1 Shipping, handling, & insurance $73
Total $1069

You can click on the following link to make a direct payment
to us with your Visa, Mastercard, Amex, or Discover Card. The payment is made
via Paypal
- our credit card processor.

- Cool that they are for sale, but Way to Expensive , Hopefully will be cheaper in US. Would rather import 860.
When are they to show up in the US?

Good to see the SL-6000W has crossed the line from utterly unavailable to ummm..."underground"...available.

After I recovered from the massive stroke over the price, I surfed to's website, and it's unclear to me how much they "Anglicise" the devices they ship--would this support English natively, or would English support have to be "grafted on?"

Hopefully they'll hit the US retail market soon, and such questions will be moot!
That price is insane. Mah gawd!
God, this is totally insane.
For me, here in Brazil, this thing will arrive for more then $2000.00, with all the tax we have to pay here for imported devices.
Sorry, I'm just mad.
It's a pitty that i have to wait much more then all the rest of the world and pay more then the double of the real price. That's why here we have to get all tech stuff from illegal importers.
That's why here we have to get all tech stuff from illegal importers.

What's illegal about it?
If they don't come out with a USA version in March (or at least make some noise), I will probably pay this price for an import SL-6000W in April. The price tag? Well, I have seen NO MACHINE that comes close (except for the fine vaporware of OQO and TIQIT). I'd gladly get something for $400, IF THERE WAS SOMETHING! The combination of Wifi, Bluetooth, USB host, Linux native, 640x480, and two open slots, all in a package small enough to use in every airport, every library, every cafe, every hotel, and every jail (I'll probably have to steal the $1,069 and I might get caught) on Earth is ultra!
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