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Full Version: Installing A Local Ipk
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I'm trying to do a simple thing, install an ipk I have on the Z.

I've compiled ratpoison.

Now both
ipkg install ratpoison_1.4.0_armv5te.ipk
ipkg install /fullpath.../ratpoison_1.4.0_armv5te.ipk
give me the error:
Nothing to be done
An error ocurred, return value: 4.
Collected errors:
Cannot find package ratpoison_1.4.0_armv5te.ipk.
Check the spelling or perhaps run 'ipkg update'

What's the problem?

It's OZ GPE on an SL-C3200.
I have seen this before, and it's a pita. I never tracked it down.


ipkg install ratpoison

In the same directory as the file. This may be a bug (rather than misconfiguration somewhere), but I don't suppose too many people encounter it as they use the network feeds.

This doesn't work either, damn, I can't believe it.

Can ipkg's behavior at least be modified so that it stores the files downloaded from the feed also locally, so that it doesn't refetch them every time when installing, but uses the local archive copy if present - like debian's /var/cache/apt/archives/ ?
You could probably patch it to do this, but the general theory is that downloads are fast and cheap, and storage on a handheld is small and expensive.

There aren't any new and wonderful switches that have been added to enable installation from a file (rather than from a feed) are there?

Add a bug I think, then hack at the code smile.gif

OK, it works smile.gif But only with the following syntax
ipkg install ./local_package_file_name
IIRC from #openzaurus `ipkg install ratpoison' doesn't work from a local feed because of busybox wget.

but it works with the real wget. or something
QUOTE(pgas @ Nov 24 2006, 06:20 PM)
IIRC from #openzaurus `ipkg install ratpoison' doesn't work from a local feed because of busybox wget.

but it works with the real wget.  or something

Hmm... it might be the case, since it started working after I installed real wget... smile.gif

There's many issues with busybox on OZ that I've noticed, i.e. building ipks doesn't work due to the busybox ar, but will work with the real ar etc.

So this is probably it, you're right.
So you are indeed right, it's the real wget thing.

If you install real wget then simply
ipkg install file_name
works no probs.
Please post some bugs against busybox then.

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