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Full Version: Rox: Screen Rotation / Different Background Image
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can the rox desktop be configure to use a different background image if the screen is rotated? Now the old background is shown, so the right part sticks "out of" the screen and on the bottom the upper part is repeated. Looks not too nice blink.gif

It would also be good if the panel could be reconfigured to use another background image after rotation... but I suspect this needs reinitialization of the panel using another ~/.matchbox/mb-panel-orientation file, and that reinitialization takes a bit long for my taste. or does anyone know another way?

Thanks for hints!
Well, whenever the lid is open/closed/rotated, it executes /usr/bin/chkhinge which then runs the following script:

You could add a line under landscape and portrait if you know the command that sets the wallpaper. In fluxbox you would use fbsetbg wallpaper.png and I think there is similar with other WM's.

If the wallpaper is set to stretch on loading, you could add the killall command to end the process that the wallpaper is being displayed with (like rox??) and relaunch it.

Hope this helps, I've done it before but decided I wasn't too fussed.
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