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Full Version: Wifi Scanner In Python (pyqt + Pyiw)
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Here is a sample pyqt app using the pyiw bindings:

and the package attached (will run only on Sharp ROM compatible).

PS: file to run is
Using device: wlan0

Version [ PyIW ]: (0, 3, 1)
Version [ libiw/WE ]: 21
Version [ kernel/WE ]: 16

Display size = 480x640
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "./", line 44, in ?
for net in iface.Scan():
pyiw.error: Unable to read scan data

above is the error i get when I ran the script.
internet connection is already on. just a note - I ran the script ftom /mnt/card location where I have it all copied.

am using kopsis python.
Hope this helps in resolving the error and is helpful for you. would be gladto use this tool.

verfied, this is what I get as well.
Could you post more detailed information about setup:
- kernel version
- wifi card
- interface name
- python version

I am not sure about Kopsis Python. I am using Python and pyiw from

The script uses by default wlan0 as interface. If yours has a different name, juste edit the script and change the interface name (at the beginning of the script).

Also I am using the hostap driver.

As the 2.4.18 sharp and cacko kernels are using wireless extensions version 16 some bugs are expected (for example signal quality does not report correctly for me), but it does work for detecting networks.
-Am using Cacko 1.23 ROM on Zaurus SL-1000
-Linux Kernel 2.4.20
-Wifi Card is a Symbol Spectrum 24 wireless Networker card

-As I can see from the error message itself the interface names is wlan0

-Python version is 2.4 (from Kopsis python for the Zaurus)
QUOTE(nilch @ Jan 5 2007, 06:54 AM)

I have not played with pyiw since your last post! It's working fine on my setup, so I cannot say more. Maybe a problem with the wifi card firmware version?

If you need a wifi manager, try the port of wpa-gui I made for sharprom. I am using it everyday and it works great and it's faster than python/qt.
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