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Full Version: Error: "device Is Not Ready" Why?
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I us Cacko 1.23 on 3100.
I have replaced internal hard disk with Transcend 8 Gb CF.

fdisk -l:

Disk /dev/hdс: 8320 MB, 8320499712 bytes
16 heads, 63 sectors/track, 16122 cylinders
Units = cylinders of 1008 * 512 = 516096 bytes

Device Start End Blocks ID System
/dev/hdc1 1 20 10048+ 83 Linux
/dev/hdc2 21 2000 997920 83 Linux
/dev/hdc3 2001 16122 7117488 с W95 FAT32 (LBA)

All works well and quickly. Except one thing:
When I try to copy files from PC through USB to internal disk (USB Storage mode)
some time all goes well but after copying approximately 2 Gb
Windows give out Error: "Device is not ready".
And it is more anything to write on internal disk it is impossible.

Copying between SD and internal disk is Ok.
I delete /dev/hdc3,
create it again,
mkfs.vfat -F 32 it again.

Same thing happen.
Some time all goes well... and:
Error: "Device is not ready"
Hang on - did you try rebooting your Z or disconnecting/reconnecting the USB before going all the way to reformatting your drive?

It's more likely that the USB driver is getting in a bad state than the drive, especially since you say local transfers still work. Mine certainly does whenever I try to transfer big files directly to SD/CF... sad.gif
in most cases it is the usb buffer filling and taking a crap...

You said that it works fine with SD and CF (external) transfers... Is this using usb transferring a 2gig or more file?

I reboot Z It does not help.

2Gb is not one big file this is plenty small ones for example tons of .MP3 or .JPG

I think it not a Windows USB mistake.
Old Hitachi 4Gb microdrive works well with 2gb and more data copying.
Also If in "PC link" set SD as internal storage copying passes well.
Also about it speaks that fact that after reformating /dev/hdc3 problem temporarily fixed.
Seems that a problem in integrity FAT or time delays in work of the Zaurus internal disk controller
which windows estimate as unavailability(not ready).
Are you trying to copy one file larger than 2GB, or just a bunch of files which are >2GB all together?
The FAT on the drive may not be able to handle files >2GB.

Just a bunch of files which are >2GB all together.
I just had an epiphany, and found out a major clue as to why MY own Seagate 8Gb hard drive won't get recognized by the Zaurus ... although, my cheapy usb I/O thingy writes the drive just fine, any when I mount it that way to my Linux box, it seems to be A-OK. Well, what I found was , after I booted back to the orignal Underlying Linux, and looked at the (I think this is where I saw it) the PC-link, that GUI'ed interface told me that the drive was reporting a couple of pins bad, including a missing power pin, so it woulcn't mount it.

Anyone see anything like this, or do I need to get back to Linux and check the exact util that gave me that reading. I need to see a wayto fix this.
Just for future reference, I just discovered something interesting with my internal 8gb seagate cf card. I removed the 6gb and plugged in the 8gb seagate. I had tons of problems with the fdisk tool it is totally unreliable but i still managed to get the card working under fdisk and windows. i created three partitions, fixed the 2 first ones according to the specs required by the sharprom just to make it boot, deleted the 3rd partition under fdisk /dev/hdc3 and created a partition linux under the sharprom after bootup. pluged it into windows and used the format tool to create the 7.43gb partition. I tell you this was my only way and fdisk couldnt create a partition this big for some stupid reason. Anyway, zaurus fdisk will not help. It is totally buggy. this method caused me to see 5gb on internal drive which drove me mad!

in relation to your problem, Do not install it using cacko. flash sharprom, fix your disk(if it is fixed, go to the next step), mount your drives like "mount /dev/hda1 /hdd1" "mount /dev/hda2 /hdd2" "mount /dev/hda1 /hdd1" (without cf cards or sd cards pluged into the slots). and reboot. for some reason, and I dont know why, cacko does not keep the drives mounted. first fix this problem under sharprom. after you can boot up and all, then you can check the mounts, if they are mounted still under bootups, install the cacko room and bootup and check the mount after each boot up, if it is mounted, then your okay.

I had a real headache after using pdaxii13 going back to cacko. It has a tool to restore the internal disk but it was not intended for my drive it broke it(sort of). it caused so much trouble that i just decided to grab another zaurus soon to just to run another rom instead of jumping between different roms. even then, cacko did not find my drive at all correctly(my 8gb was 5 gb). The final asnwer to my problem is to borrow the pdaxii13 and fdisk my drives with the utility(I should of done this from the start). I fixed the partition and now booted up with cacko. I can finally see all the drives correctly. Not sure what i did but I unmounted, fdisk for correct size, mounted and it was like shit! i had to try various ways just to get the sucker working.

anyway, I hope the sharprom advice works for you.

What a rollercoaster ride!
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