Qtopia 2.2 Overview
Note that the Qtopia API has been broken up into two seperate libraries. One library is called libqpe and the other library is libqtopia1. libqpe 1.5.2 is binary compatible with the existing libqpe 1.5.0 and libqpe 1.5.1 libraries. libqtopia1 contains the source code for the additional methods and classes added to Qtopia for the Qtopia 1.7.0 release. Qtopia 1.7 applications depend on both of these libraries. Qtopia 1.5 devices will be able to install Qtopia 1.7 applications by installing libqtopia1 and any other libraries they need.

Is additional libraries needed for Qtopia 2.2 applications running on Qtopia 1.5? Is something like "libqtopia1" with 2.2 features available for zaurus?

Thank You.