Has anyone figured out how to get rid of icons left in the taskbar for applications that have been completed and do not show in ps listings?

Doing stuff like:

qcop QPE/Application/qperemove 'Task(QString)' 'clock'

sends a busy but doesn't touch the app.

qcop QPE/Application/clock 'close()'
removes the task from ps list, but leaves the icon.

I've spent a lot of time playing around with this, and not resolved it.

I'm using Qtopia 1.5.0, but if I can see what has worked for someone using a more recent version, that will help.



Addendum: Oops! I forgot to mention that I've upgraded to qcop2, which enables ROM 2.38 and 3.10 users to enter qcop commands from scripts and the command line. It is available at

I also have been using qcoptest, available at http://www2.gtd.com/users/ikezawa/zaurus/qcoptest.html, for preliminary testing of qcop commands.