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Full Version: slocate for zaurus
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hi folks,

First of all I am not sure if this is the right place. I am not familiar with this web based forums (i miss a set of mailing lists for Zaurus on different topics) anyway...

I was missing locate command on Z. So I cross-compiled slocate package against arm and tested it on sl-5600 with tckrom. it works well.

it is awailable at
Nice, actually there was this:

But I thought a locate database on a PDA was a bit overkill and a pain to keep up to date, so all I did was put this in my .bashrc:

alias locate='find / -print 2>/dev/null | egrep '

Takes less that 15 seconds to search all of internal memory, my 64MB MMC and my 128MB CF, and is always up to date.
well, I think we have a problem with finding packages, I know there is but I got lost when I come up with those packages for 'familiar' . Shouldn't we use freshmeat's PDA section or Sourceforge for all this ports and get peace? or any other 'central' point like a real linux community?

I am lost.
The killefiz site is probably the most central place for Zaurus software. The ZUG FAQ also has a list of other Zaurus software sites, but the ZSI (killefiz) has by far the most software. The SF downloads are from an old Zaurus project, which got closed down because of it hosting multiple projects.

BTW the other locate package was referenced by the ZSI:

And if you look to the left of the main ZUG page you will see there are two mailing lists. Most people are on the web forums though I think.

Don't worry about it. People are really nice round here and don't bite smile.gif
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