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Full Version: Newbie Collie User - Questions
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I got my Collie yesterday, flashed it with Hentges-Opie latest (20061108 I think).
I then moved the root to an SD (110M loop file) and added the CardFS install to that via How-Tos on and

Everything seems to be working fine, I even managed to get the USB bridge working in both WindowsXP and Ubuntu6.10 and installed a few packages.

My main questions:
- Since I am running from an SD image can I remove any of the original 'flash' install that I did initially, to free up internal memory?
- Or is that still needed to initially boot and run altboot?
- And would there be any advantage to doing this?
- I originally flashed internally with Opie, would flashing with the Bootstrap image, then just using Opie for the SD install have been a better choice? Or is that not possible?
- Unrelated: How do I start Opie from the command line?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can clear this up for me.
I did something similar on my Collie be accident, I unstalled a update to some system library to SD instead of internal flash. After this I had to reflash because on any action on the console my Collie claimed about the missing library. And as the cp, mv an ln commands would not work any more, I could not fix it. ipkg-link would not work neither...

Unrelated: How do I start Opie from the command line?


/etc/init.d/opie start

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