Okey dokie

well here is how it is: i just haad an online drive failure that hung up my machine. caused my / partion to hose itself beyond repair however the /home parrtion was fine and the dirve just needs to be reformatted smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif

so i am switching back to an i386 distro (fedora core 6) ratherr than run a x866-64 distro (too many hasseles) thiis means i get xen support smile.gif with full system virtulisation

now my MB has on board video and i have a video card in as well so i can now put windows on its own monitor (buy giving it exsclusive accsses to the videa card) and get full speed (or close too it) 3d graphics under windows, this means that a wholee lot of problems majically go away and it will speed up development ass i can run all my windows cad software at full speed (and they are ram/cpu hogs)

so i am happy. things should start progreessing now and we should start to see this project move a bit faster

this haas also convinced me to get a raid 5 setup, those 400G drives are very cheap at the moment (AU$190)